Credent Asset Management Launches Multi Asset PMS In India’s

New Delhi/Atulya Loktantra : Credent Asset Management (CAM) is the first Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in India that acts as an enabler for the investor. The company has established International standards of investing in India through a structured Multi Asset Strategy for seamless and secure execution of trade transactions. The company uses a robust technology to find best stock options for investments which is unique in PMS model.

The investment philosophy based on Multi Asset Investment Strategy gives an opportunity to spread the investment in five different investment avenues that include Start-Ups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Direct Equity, Mutual Fund and Debt Instruments. The USP of this product is to have five Assets in one product basket which holds a merit of international standard of product specifications.

The product will help in mitigating risk factors and in diversifying the portfolio with befitting asset allocation. The equity portfolio is designed on advanced technology based research to avert biased stock selection by virtue of human intervention and will carry no style agnostic approach. It will be a bespoke portfolio based on New Age Technology backed research helping in the transition from a fragmented to a collaborated and cohesive Portfolio Management.

Announcing its vision for the future of investing avenues in India, Aditya Kanoria, Co-Founder, Credent Asset Management says “We don’t follow a conventional approach. Helping you invest your money reliably is a job we take very seriously. Our platform is designed to provide investment solutions which suits the investors risk profile. The risk of going wrong is far lesser. The company does data base investing which is more realistic than vision based investing”.

Credent Asset Management is the first choice for NRIs to invest in India much like the developed market style of investment, where risk products are designed with a propensity on the risk profile of an investor. CAM has devised engaging Portfolio Management Services for NRIs which Indian markets have not witnessed till date.

About Credent Asset Management:

Credent Asset Management (CAM) is a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) certified Portfolio Management Company. CAM is focused on crafting investment ideas that are driven by radical thinking and supported by thorough research, in-depth knowledge and solid strategy. They bring to the table discerning investor opportunities that are game changers and help in building up thriving port folios.

Their primary focus is on tech based start-ups, which have been in operation for over one year and are backed with renowned investors. The listed SME’s who have the potential of becoming unicorns of the future are cherry picked by CAM. Their investment advisors evaluate and identify pre-IPO opportunities of key SME companies prior to making well informed investments. Playing the role of a Multi Manager, CAM offers its investor a diversified portfolio of equity and mutual funds by using technology effectively. The promoter exposure is rapidly spreading to global markets. Headquartered in India, PMS has established offices in London and Mumbai.

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