A Guide to Stress free Medical Examination Study


    New Delhi/Atulya Loktantra: Students are the most common victims of stress and some of the major reasons for this stress is pressure of examination. This stress is an examination that is common but it can get worse if it gets prolonged. This can give rise to anxiety, nervousness, unconfident, less sleep, depression and many other mental problems. Medical examination National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is approaching in May and students are already seen tensed and worried about their performance in exams.

    A Guide to Stress free Medical Examination Study

    Medical study is never-ending and it’s been found in reports that there are high levels of perceived stress in medical students. This examination stress occurs due to lack of preparation, procrastination regrets. And family expectations. In India, students think exams are the narrow bottleneck that leads to professional opportunities. And have seen many cases where students who couldn’t deal with this mental pressure often give up on life itself.

    To fight with this mental pressure often needed is guidance of any professional who can mentor the students about how to release the stress, so here we have is Gaurav Tyagi, a Medical Career Counselling Expert who is always ready to help and guide these medical students with their queries and doubts. He is a trained medical counselor with whom you will be able to build a therapeutic and trusting relationship. Helps his students in guiding about NEET exam counseling and choosing the best option for their career. He has more than 12 years of experience and has counselled more than 10,000 students till date.

    Guide to Stress free Medical Examination Study

    Gaurav Tyagi, Director of Career Xpert said; “The piece of advice I would give is to go slow to go fast, I think this applies to everything in life. In examinations also every student should start their schedule with cover easier topics and then the complex one. In this time particularly students should avoid procrastination there should not be a delay of any kind and for this, they should prepare a proper schedule of studies, but one should not forget about the breaks in between.

    There should also be healthy eating and some exercise include in the daily routine. I have often seen students get stressed out about their result and some even give up when they get irritated so students should act patiently. Also, they should keep themselves update about the exam dates. And schedule so that they don’t miss out on any of the important information.  The counselling facilities of Gaurav Tyagi are not only limited to medical students and NEET candidates but in various other progressive fields.

    Mr. Gaurav Tyagi, born and brought up in Andaman and Nicobar Islands did his schooling from the same place. Being the son of a Deputy Education Officer in Port Blair, he always had an urge to pursue his career in the field of education.

    free Medical Examination Study

    Gaurav Tyagi opted for

    • B.Tech in Graduation
    • pursued a Diploma in Psychology, Chandigarh,
    • Diploma in Counseling from Bangalore as his Post Graduation.

    He has set a benchmark in medical counseling. As he has an experience of six years in the same field and has taught students who have attained top ranks in NEET UG and NEET PG.

    Mr. Gaurav Tyagi has previously worked with Convergeaon Services and PGK Educational Services. And currently runs his venture by the name of Career Xpert. Also runs Career Xpert Charitable Trust for providing career counseling to underprivileged students.

    Gaurav Tyagi has given the greatest number of students who have crack top medical examination. And place them in some of the renowned medical institutions and have counseled almost 10, 000 students per year. Felicitated by Attal Ratna Samaan Samaroh, 2019 and Education Council of India, 2019. Recently Mr. Gaurav Tyagi won The Great Visioners Awards, 2020 and The Game Changers Business Awards.


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